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About Project FINE 

"He eats faster than he runs",  said one woman about her husband, and this is the the root of developing lifestyle diseases.

The hormone insulin is indispensable for sustaining life because, among other things, it regulates the body's metabolism. However, the effectiveness of insulin varies greatly between individuals. Overweight and physically inactive people have a higher concentration of insulin in their blood, which increases their risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, the likelihood of developing these diseases varies from person to person and cannot be explained only by differences in lifestyle factors.

The objective of Project FINE

The objective of this project is to identify factors that determine an individual's innate insulin sensitivity, and to investigate the effects of physical exercise on insulin sensitivity and energy balance as well as other metabolic parameters of health.

The project is based on a study of 60 overweight and inactive, but otherwise healthy men. The project consists of four sub-projects (Four-IN-onE = FINE):

Sub-project 1: Genetically determined variations of insulin sensitivity in the population
Sub-project 2: Dose-response effects of physical exercise
Sub-project 3: Physical exercise and energy balance
Sub-project 4: Cultural barriers to physical activity

The test subjects were divided into 3 different groups, each with its own level of exercise intensity.

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