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Test subjects

The objective of Project FINE is to investigate the mechanisms responsible for the dose-response effect of physical activity. The project is based on an exercise study of overweight and inactive male test subjects.

Project FINE has concluded clinical testing and does not require additional test subjects.

Criteria for test subjects:

  • Must not exercise regularly or be physically active. 
  • Slightly overweight (BMI = 25-30 kg/m2); Body Mass Index = weight (in kg) divided by height squared (m2). 
  • 20 to 40 years of age. 
  • Healthy - i.e., no diagnosed chronic illnesses or regular use of medications.
    See the detailed criteria for participation.

Groups and test period

After drawing lots, the study participants were divided into 3 groups: high-dose physical exercise (approx. 60 minutes per day), moderate-dose physical exercise (approx. 30 minutes per day), and a control group (no physical exercise). The entire test period lasted approximately 15 weeks, and the exercise intervention period was 12 weeks. During the test period, the participants' diet and activity levels were periodically registered.

Before and after the study, there was 1 long day of tests at Copenhagen University Hospital and 4 shorter test days at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Human Nutrition (Frederiksberg) and the Panum Institute. The tests included taking blood and tissue samples.

At the end of the test period, the participants each received DKK 7,000 in remuneration for their involvement in the project.